What The Trump Campaign May Have Accomplished For The American Public

“I’d be happy to give him oral sex just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.”
-Time Magazine reporter Nina Burleigh speaking of then President Bill Clinton

With more vulgar videos rumored to be in the media’s possession and waiting to be released and with some (not all) in the republican elite running away from Trump, it would appear the election is now over. But this is the ‘year of the outsider’ and I suppose anything is possible. We will all know the answer to that question in 4 weeks.
But what Donald Trump has accomplished is to clearly reveal to the American public what many of us have known for several years:
‘Not only is there a hypocritical double standard in how the media covers republican and democratic candidates, in many cases, the media is in bed- working together- with the democratic campaigns themselves’. This should trouble all Americans. Regardless of their political beliefs.
We have seen that double standard with debate moderators (see Candy Crowley and Anderson Cooper) w/ news stories (WaPo’s release of the Trump tape was coordinated w/ the Clinton Campaign) and with non-coverage of stories (why wasn’t The Clinton Fdtn a key story at the debates? Don’t the American people deserve to know?).
It used to be the Left prided itself on being the ‘outsider’ fighting against the establishment. They have now become that which they used to fight against. In some perverse way Trump’s candidacy may create a groundswell uprising among his supporters and Sander’s supporters against the American mainstream media and the democratic party.
The article below written by Howard Kurtz should have been an outrageous story with wide coverage. It would have been except that, it involved a democrat.

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