Trump-Cruz Agreement?

With the media completely fixated on Donald Trump and Ted Cruz and ignoring all other candidates, some insiders now believe that was the agreed strategy of the two candidates all along.  And what role will Michael Bloomberg play in this year’s election? Hollywood actress / political activist Morgan Brittany joins Rick to break it down.

Tom Del Beccaro Hits Trifecta!

Republican U.S. Senate candidate for California Tom Del Beccaro is the only candidate in America to have the endorsements of former Reagan economic adviser Art Laffer, famed economist Larry Kudlow and Wall Street Journal board member and policy analyst Stephen Moore. He joins Rick to explain why his ideas have attracted this powerful economic trio.

Trump Vs. Cruz Showdown!

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz took to the stage in South Carolina to try and woo voters there.  What did they say and how were they received? Ann Marie Murrell of shared the stage with Trump and Cruz. She joins Rick. Plus, immigration atty Sarah Condor Fisher went viral today! Why? She joins Rick.