Hillary Email Server Kept In Bathroom!

You can’t make this stuff up folks! USA Today columnist Jim Robbins joins Rick to discuss yet the latest news surrounding Hillary and her “classified-protected” email.  Plus, comedian Aaron Berg was astonished that Hillary chose to meet with Black Lives Matter activists.  He weighs in with his take.

Do #BlackLivesMatter?

USC student-athlete is the target of a fake rape hoax and pays big price. Why does #BlackLivesMatter ignore?  Journalist Charles Johnson joins Rick with the breaking story. And Planned Parenthood finds itself trapped in a box of hypocrisy. Pro-life missionary Brooke McGowan joins Rick. Plus our Mamaluke of the day!

‘Listener of the Week’ Contest!!!

Announcing our ‘Listener of the Week’ Contest!!!  Find out how you can become a guest on the show! One lucky winner per week! Plus, Rick is joined by Sean Trende Senior Elections Analyst of Real Clear Politics, and Michelle Minton of the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Who’s the Racist Now?

Former eastern European immigrant to America, Sarah Condor- Fisher, has a devastating message for leaders of the Democratic party. Plus Chris Arps, founder of MoveOnUp.org, gets politically incorrect on Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter. Plus, our ‘Mamaluke of the Day’!