‘Listener of the Week’ Contest!!!

Announcing our ‘Listener of the Week’ Contest!!!  Find out how you can become a guest on the show! One lucky winner per week! Plus, Rick is joined by Sean Trende Senior Elections Analyst of Real Clear Politics, and Michelle Minton of the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Who’s the Racist Now?

Former eastern European immigrant to America, Sarah Condor- Fisher, has a devastating message for leaders of the Democratic party. Plus Chris Arps, founder of MoveOnUp.org, gets politically incorrect on Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter. Plus, our ‘Mamaluke of the Day’!

Is Trump the New Reagan?

Journalist Ronald Kessler says there is a side of Donald Trump that we have yet to see.  He joins Rick to explain why. Plus, Sarah Condor- Fisher, an ex-Czech Republic Olympic swimmer and immigrant to America, has sound advice for the GOP presidential candidates on the issue of immigration.