Tea Party News Network Gets Makeover!

TPNN.com was a major grass roots political player during the ’12 GOP primary. Executive Editor Norvell Rose joins Rick to discuss the group’s upcoming plans for 2016! PLUS, Dr. Ben Carson is on the rise! Carson campaign national director Bill Sarcino joins the show.

Ben Carson Attacks Trump, Then Apologizes!

Let the shenanigans begin! Donald Trump criticizes Carly Fiorina’s appearance, Ben Carson questions Trump’s faith, then later apologizes after ‘The Donald’ punches back! Rick is joined by TV host Dr. Gina Loudon and attorney Sarah Condor Fisher.

Live Report From Trump, Cruz Anti-Iran Deal Rally!

Thousands of Americans joined the unlikely duo of Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in Washington today to oppose the Iran nuke deal. Guest Brooke McGowan is there at the rally in Washington and gives listeners a first hand account! PLUS, comedian & political speechwriter Johnny Russo is following the Jeb Bush campaign. He joins Rick to talk about Jeb’s appearance on Colbert. And our Mamaluke of the Day!

Shock: Trump Receives 25% of Black Vote In New Poll!

Democrats calling him a racist are having a difficult time explaining away Trump’s recent surge among black voters. Biden warms up his vocal chords and Hillary’s problems mount! Rick is joined by USA today columnist Jim Robbins and political analyst Cherlyn Harley Lebon. Plus, our Mamaluke of the Day!