Confessions Of A Black Conservative

Singer/songwriter Lloyd Marcus says that while growing up as a youth in Baltimore his family was nearly destroyed because of its financial reliance on the government. Today he is on a mission to fight against the culture of government dependency in urban neighborhoods.

Republican Establishment Prepares Its Plan To Destroy Donald Trump

Veteran WH reporter and political editor for, Keith Koffler, joins Rick to talk about the ‘fluff and puff’ of the Benghazi hearings, Paul Ryan for Speaker and what republicans intend to do to Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders Exposed! Real Beliefs in Socialism Goes Viral!

Sarah Condor Fisher grew up under communism in her native Czechoslovakia. She is appalled by the infatuation of Bernie Sanders with socialism.  This past week Sarah’s warning to the American people about the dangers of Sanders’ misguided beliefs went viral.  She joins Rick.