Media Silent: GOP Senators Demonstrate Black Lives Matter!

Three GOP senators have quietly introduced legislation to improve conditions for many black Americans. Why is the media and #BlackLivesMatter protesters silent? Political consultant Gianno Caldwell explains. Plus, is war with Iran inevitable? Eastern European political expert Melory Tsiporia says it is if proper steps aren’t taken now. He joins Rick.

Open and Out Of The Closet: Conservative Hollywood Actor Blacklisted?

Has Hollywood actor Joseph C. Phillips (The Cosby Show, General Hospital, etc.) been denied work because he is conservative?

He joins Rick. Plus last week proud immigrant to America Sarah Condor Fisher called a Jorge Ramos a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.
Today her statement looks prophetic! She joins Rick. And our Mamaluke of the Day!

The Birth Of The Cool Republican

National Review columnist Kristin Tate says republicans must learn to be “cool” if they expect to win the WH in 2016.  She joins me tonight to explain the strategic branding methods employed by the Obama campaigns in ’08 and ’12. Plus our ‘Mamaluke of the Day’!