President Obama Rolls Out Rainbow Carpet to Greet Pope Francis!

Pastor Aubrey Shines of Tampa, FL cannot understand why Pope Francis has agreed to meet with transgendered activists, gay bishops and pro-abortion nuns. But he believes the Pope’s socialistic Argentinian roots may be the key to the answer. The outspoken Pastor joins Rick.

Politichicks Tuesday & Wayne Allyn Root Unleashed!

We kick of our inaurgural ‘Politichicks Tuesday’ with CEO Ann Marie Murrell hitting the hot topics of the day. And, former libertarian Vice Presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root promises to hold nothing back in assessment of Hillary, Biden, Trump and Carly campaigns! Will his predictions prove to be uncanny in their accuracy?

Democrat INS Agent: “We Are Destroying the Middle Class!”

Retired Special Service Agent and 30 year veteran of the INS, Michael Cutler, says America is at a dangerous crossroad. He explains why. PLUS former Clinton WH intern and comedian Will Voight brings the funny! They both join Rick.