Latinos For Trump?

Can GOP presidential Donald Trump actually win over Hispanic voters after initially insulting them? Former Latin American missionary and author of the book The New Pilgrims, Joe Castleberry, explains how.

Hillary Said What?

“It’s what Hillary “didn’t” say at Tuesday’s debate that speaks volumes”, says Michelle Moons who was there covering the debate for She joins rick. PLUS, Sarah Condor Fisher call Bernie Sanders ‘an uninformed populist’.

Dems Square Off In Vegas!

Finally at long last the democrats hold their first candidate debate! Politichicks is there live in person covering the action. CEO Ann-Marie Murrell joins Rick with a preview. PLUS radio talk show host Ethan Bearman wants to know why the the Obama WH is silent about recent jihadi attacks on Israeli Jews? He joins Rick.

Unlikeable: The Problem With Hillary

NYT bestselling author Ed Klein aggressively discusses his newest book ‘Unlikeable’.  Klein states his sources are Clinton and Obama insiders. PLUS, Former Olympic swimmer Sarah Condor Fisher grew up in the old Soviet Union. She has been following Bernie Sanders and shares her expert observations.