Who’s the Racist Now?

Former eastern European immigrant to America, Sarah Condor- Fisher, has a devastating message for leaders of the Democratic party. Plus Chris Arps, founder of, gets politically incorrect on Ferguson and #BlackLivesMatter. Plus, our ‘Mamaluke of the Day’!

Obama Plays Anti-Jewish Card

President Obama and some in the media paint offensive negative stereotypes in an effort to silence Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) in his opposition to the Iranian nuclear deal. Plus, who will be our ‘Mamaluke of the Day’? …And more!

Is Trump the New Reagan?

Journalist Ronald Kessler says there is a side of Donald Trump that we have yet to see.  He joins Rick to explain why. Plus, Sarah Condor- Fisher, an ex-Czech Republic Olympic swimmer and immigrant to America, has sound advice for the GOP presidential candidates on the issue of immigration.