P&P TV: Rachel Maddow Delivers Trump a Gift

By Politics and Profits 

Rick and his panel guests, Lydie Denier- Fiance’ of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Bob Baumer- Radio Host and Sarah Condor-Fisher- Legal Analyst and Political Commentator discuss Rachel Maddow’s absurd attempt to reveal Donald Trump’s tax records as well as other trending topics.

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Widowed Fiancé of Ambassador Chris Stevens Breaks Silence

By Politics & Profits

Lydie Denier, the widow of  deceased Ambassador Chris Stevens who was killed in Benghazi, has written a new book called ‘A Voice for Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens’. She joins Rick and explains how the media and publishing world, fearing intimidation from Hillary Clinton and the Obama W.H., refused to publish the book or allow her to tell her story.  Lydia Denier’s book can be purchased at Amazon.com.

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