Options for Funding a Small Business

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Interested in funding a small business? Brent Hamacheck, Author, founder of Segueway Consulting, Co-Author with Charlie Kirk of Time for a Turning Point discusses how to go about it with Rick Amato.

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How Will US-Mexico-Canada Agreement Affect Farmers?

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How will US-Mexico-Canada Agreement USMCA affect farmers, Patrick Henry, GroGuru Executive, CEO of QuestFusion, Former Silicon Valley Senior Executive, Author: Plan, Commit, Win: 90 Days to Creating a Fundable Startup discusses  with Rick Amato.

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A Lesson For Nike On 9-11. #JustDoIt

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By Rick Amato,

When Nike decided to politicize its’ marketing message with the Colin Kaepernick ad I was stunned, and disappointed.  Stunned that the iconic private business in the athletic apparel industry would enter the fray of politics and disappointed that the sports world was once again being used for political messaging.

Time will tell if Nike’s marketing gamble will pay off and if history is any indication I wouldn’t bet against them.  But to be sure Nike’s gamble is all business, not political.  As has been astutely pointed out on multiple occasions elsewhere Nike is a staunch supporter of the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal which President Trump opposes.  In fact Nike was known to host then-President Obama at its corporate functions because of his support for the TPP.  Trump on the other hand opposes the TPP because it benefits U.S. companies who move their manufacturing jobs overseas, Ie: Nike.  Furthermore of the top 10 cities which Nike targets for product sales only two are U.S. cities.  You guessed it.  New York and L.A.

As strange as it may seem on this the 17th anniversary of 9-11, Nike has me thinking about its branding and messaging.  If they- or any of their competitors for that matter- were truly interested in associating themselves with someone who has overcome obstacles, hurdles- someone who was truly buried under the heap of life as it were- and yet lived to talk about it and be an example for others- then they should consider someone better than Colin Kaepernick.  That someone would be Joe Torrillo, as in retired FDNY Lt. Joe Torrillo.

You see ret FDNY Lt. Joe Torrillo was a first responder on September 11, 2001 which that alone makes him a brave, unselfish hero in the eyes of many, but his story if you have not heard it is quite remarkable.  While trying to help those perishing in the attacks of 9-11, Joe himself was buried alive under Twin Tower number one.  Fortunately he was rescued, but that is only half the story.  After being rescued Joe Torrillo was then buried alive again, this time under Twin Tower number two. He lay there for hours hearing the cries, screams and pagers of his fellow first responders slowly dying off one at a time.  Then miraculously Joe Torrillo was rescued a second time.  Imagine the odds.  Buried alive twice and rescued twice under both Twin Towers on 9-11.

As you might have guessed Torrillo is a different person today than he was prior to the life changing experience.  He has a message about life and about America that all people should hear.  Including Nike and their newest marketing pawn.

For more detailed insight and to hear the first hand account as told by Joe Torrillo, click below to watch my 1 on 1 TV interview with him previously conducted on the anniversary of 9-11.

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Economy Roars, Trump Critics Languish

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By Rick Amato,

To hear the mainstream media describe it former U.S. president Barack Obama was an economic genius and savior deserving of great praise and gratitude by all American citizens.  So much so that to many in the media today’s economic growth occurring under the current Trump administration should be credited back to Barack Obama.  “He set the ball in motion” so goes the thinking- or at least so goes the narrative.
To be sure the Obama administration inherited an economy in recession when it took office in 2009 and managed to avoid a further eroding of the economy.  For that they deserve credit.  But let’s discuss what the media won’t.  The average annual economic growth during the Obama years was an anemic 1.48%.  And as pointed out here previously, Barack Obama is now the only president in U.S. history to never to have a year of 3% GDP growth.  Not one of the only, the only.
Which brings us to President Donald Trump.  While the media wants to focus on what Michael Cohen did or didn’t tell CNN and other fake news stories, there is an important developing story they have chosen to ignore.  The President is laying the groundwork for what can potentially result in some very robust long term job and economic growth for the U.S. economy.
The media has been quick to mock Donald Trump on his proposed use of tariffs against the EU, Mexico, China and Canada.  But they have failed to report that the threat of tariffs has been an early strategic success resulting in our trading partners agreeing to sit down at the negotiating table and work towards a more equitable relationship with zero tariffs on both sides.   Quite a development considering that the EU and others currently penalize U.S.    automakers with their own set of tariffs.
For more detailed insight and analyses into the Trump administration’s economic game plan and its’ early results click below to watch my TV interview with economics professor and public policy analyst Dr. Michael Busler.

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The Truth About Trump’s Trade Tariffs

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By Rick Amato

A largely misunderstood and under reported story is that of Donald Trump’s use of tariffs as a tactic to grow American jobs and the economy. If the same strategy and early results had occurred during the Barack Obama years, the mainstream media would have labeled the former President a “brilliant, intelligent, global tactician”.  But as former CIA agent and Whistleblower Kevin Shipp recently said, ‘too often the mainstream media has an agenda that has little to do with real news’.

Which brings me back to the use of tariffs. If you listen to the news then you believe that Trump is either a racist (with the threat of tariffs against Mexico), colluding with Russia (threat of tariffs against the European Union) or simply unstable and volatile (in the case of Canada).  And just for good measure as a Capitalist who supports trade barriers, a hypocrite.  But the facts and early developments don’t support these agenda-driven narratives.

Let’s start with why so many free market economists who normally oppose trade barriers at all costs are now supporting Trump’s tariffs.  Their reasoning can be summed up in one word: Leverage.

While the initial reaction of countries who are the target of tariffs may be one of anger and defiance the fact is they have little or no leverage over America on the issue of trade.  Long term we hold all- or most- of the cards.

Consider this:
* The U.S. trade deficit with China is at a record high of $375 billion.
* U.S. trade deficit with the EU is $147 billion.
* U.S. trade deficit with Mexico is $63.6 billion.
* U.S trade deficit with Canada is $12.1 billion.

Unlike previous presidents from both parties who either didn’t know or didn’t care Trump understands that America has all the leverage it needs in the trading relationships with our partners.  What are they going to do? Buy less American goods?  They’re already doing a bang up job of that with their own use of high taxes and tariffs on U.S. made products.  Hence the trade deficits they now enjoy.

A growing number of free market economists concur that the tariffs with create short term pain but long term gain for the U.S. economy.  Surprisingly we are already beginning to see the early returns of the long term gains.  Example:

* While the EU response was initially one of anger, they have now backed-down and agreed to trade concessions in hopes of avoiding a trade war.

* Largely ignored by the U.S. media is the recent meeting between Mexico’s Secretary of Economy, (Mr. Ildefonso Guajardo) and Trump trade representatives last week in D.C.  Both countries emerged from the meeting upbeat and cautiously optimistic about our near term trade future.  So much so that President Trump declared a policy of ‘zero tariffs with Mexico’ was within reach.  Of course closely watching all of this is Canada the third leg of the stool in NAFTA.

China however is believed to be a longer term play with more strategic elements to consider given their aggressive economic and military global goals.  But once again their leverage options too are limited.

During the 2016 presidential campaign voters from both parties gave Donald Trump high marks on the issue of the economy and it looks like the President is about to prove them right.  But don’t expect too many in the media to take notice.

Click below to watch my TV interview with CNN Economic Analyst Stephen Moore on Trump’s trade tariffs and the most recent Jobs Report.

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Getting Your Side Hustle On: The Challenges of the Gig Economy

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Joel Block, Bullseye Capital, Author: Stop Hustling Gigs and Start Building a Business and Rocky Romanella, Author: ‘Tighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership’discuss the gig economy and the principles of leadership with Rick on Politics and Profits.

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