ANNOUNCEMENT! Taking On The Fake News Media

By Rick Amato

Have you had enough of the fake news already? And let’s be honest. The establishment on both sides of the political spectrum are equally (well maybe not ‘equally’) suspect to playing along with those in the fake news media world so long as it protects their agenda and positions of power. It just so happens democrats have a significantly stronger ‘entrenchment’ with the corporate media complex than do establishment republicans.

Forgive me if I sound like I’m on a soapbox. For those who may not be familiar with my history, I was once personal friends with the late-Andrew Breitbart. Andrew opened my eyes to the bias, deceit and controlling narrative of the media long before it became pop culture common knowledge.
That’s why it should come as no surprise to see President Donald Trump taking on the media in bare knuckled, toe to toe fashion considering that his Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, was a founding member of Breitbart News and ran the company after Andrew’s death. One can only imagine how proud Andrew Breitbart would have been to see this development.

It is also one of the reasons I am thrilled to announce that my TV show ‘Politics and Profits with Rick Amato’ is now going national on March 11th! The show will air in 20 U.S. cites on a grassroots style national business TV network called BizTV. The show will also air everywhere on Roku, be available in real time online at Ustream.TV and of course all shows will be available for On Demand viewing at

The show will air in real time on Saturday’s at 3pmET / noonPT and can be viewed on Roku or the show’s website anytime that fits your schedule. The show focuses on current events, politics and money. It will feature news maker, expert guests from politics, the economy and trending news. The show’s tagline is ‘Following the trends on Capitol Hill that lead to the profits on Wall Street’. In other words, lets pull the curtain back on Washington and follow the money trail so that you are equipped with valuable information and knowledge.

I’m excited. I think Andrew Breitbart would have been too. I look forward to you joining me.

Why Russian Investigation Is Dems Road To Nowhere

(image via wikimedia)

By Politics & Profits

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), the media and some establishment Republicans are frothing at the mouth to tie Attorney General Jeff Sessions to a Russian scandal. The Hill columnist and author Dan Perkins explains why they are on a road to nowhere.

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Afterglow of Trump Joint Session Speech

By Politics & Profits

Media and Democrats were waiting to pounce on what they anticipated to be an amateuir-ish Joint Session of Congress Speech by President Trump. Instead he delivered beyond expectations. Even CNN had to admit it! Radio talk show host and former Trump Campaign manager for the state of Louisiana, Jeff Crouere, joins Rick to talk about the implications of Trump’s performance.

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All Eyes On Trump!

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By Rick Amato

All eyes will be on President Donald J. Trump’s first Joint Session of Congress speech Tuesday Night and what a wild night it is that is being anticipated. Democratic lawmakers are expected to troll the president while he speaks- they’ve invited Meryl Streep, on the eve of the speech Nancy Pelosi gave some crazy talk about wanting to impeach the president- except, she said, his supporters are in denial, and don’t we all know that Trump himself ever the entertainer will provide some memorable moments.

Wall Street will be particularly interested in hearing if he delivers specific ideas on tax cuts and deregulation or vague, general sound bites. One or the other will have an impact on the stock market’s performance.

The Dow finished Monday on yet another record high to close up 15 points at 20,837. That makes it the 12th straight session the index closed at a record, its longest streak since 1987.

As I pointed out several times previously the strong stock market’s performance under President Obama was based upon the monetary policy of the Fed- ie: low interest rates – and not key market fundamentals such as corporate earnings and earnings growth. The precise things which translate into jobs and increased wages on Main Street. That’s why this observation yesterday by Raymond James Chief Investment Strategist Jeffrey Staut is so noteworthy,

“We have transitioned from an interest-rates driven bull market to an earnings-driven bull market. That’s the main story. I think we’ve got another six, seven or eight years in this bull market. If you run the models … you could see 4,000 on the S&P.”

Time will tell if Staut is right in his comments or just swimming in over-exuberance. But if he is indeed correct and the markets have transitioned from interest rate driven to earnings driven then what follows will be jobs, jobs and more jobs. The sort of thing which will render Ms. Streep and Ms. Pelosi as being meaningless. Wall Street is watching.

Recently I interviewed financier Ziad Abdelnour who is the author of the new upcoming book “Capitalism From The Inside Out”, due out in July. Essentially Abdelnour, who was a NYC fundraiser for the Trump campaign, explains how to profit from the stock market during the Trump era. He believes Wall Street, healthcare and insurance will be some of the leading industries over the next four to perhaps eight years. His message to investors in the upcoming book: “Do what Wall Street does, not as they say”.

To listen to my full interview with Ziad Abdelnour click here:

P&P TV: Shock! U.S. Stock Market Performs Best When Congress Out Of Session!

By Politics & Profits

Since 1965 the U.S. stock markets have vastly outperformed during periods when Congress was out of session as opposed to when they are in session. Translation: Congress go home! Jeff Hirsch, Editor-In-Chief of The Stock Trader’s Almanac joins Rick to discuss election cycles and stocks.

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