Politics in 300: Socialism PR/eBay Removes Glenn Beck’s Account and FreedomFest-Why You Should Go

2020 is closer than you think, and the socialists are using pr to weasel their way in. Glenn Beck’s eBay account removed over pro-life painting, and FreedomFest is coming in July.

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Interview: Even The Young Turks Unfamiliar With Wasserman Schultz IT Aide

By Sutton Porter, Producer: Politics and Profits with Rick Amato

Recently at the political convention Politicon in Pasadena, CA, I caught up with The Young Turks, Hasan Piker. I asked Piker with the divisiveness among the political parties what their future might be as many Americans have lost faith in them, and why so much media attention had been placed on White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci and scarce little on the Debbie Wasserman Schultz IT aide, Imran Awan.

Piker was polite and courteous, but not answering that particular question. He wasn’t being evasive, he just had not heard much about the Wasserman Schultz aide and was not familiar with the story. Awan not only bilked the Congressional Federal Credit Union out of thousands of dollars, he and several members of his family who were also employed under Wasserman Schultz had access to potentially sensitive emails from the House’s Intelligence and Foreign Affairs Committee as reported in National Review. This is devastating for America’s national security and speaks volumes about the focus of the mainstream media.

Watch the video below: