Apprentice Star Reveals How Omarosa Got In Trump’s WH

(photo courtesy of Tana Goertz)

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By Rick Amato,

The more one learns about the former Apprentice star turned White House aide, turned turned ex-White House aide, turned Trump antagonist- Omarosa Manigault Newman- one is left with a daunting question: How in the world was she ever allowed to work in the most powerful office on the face of the earth to begin with? The thought is frightening.

Indeed Piers Morgan wondered that very question back in February when he revealed that Omarosa had offered him sex to win the ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ (I swear I’m not making this up).
In the interest of full disclosure let me say up front that I’ve never been a fan or viewer of The Apprentice.  I wouldn’t have known an Omarosa from a mimosa if it had not been for the recent political events.  But one does not have to dig too deep to discover that Omarosa was and has always been viewed as a fake, conniving, dishonest person who will do and say whatever she needs to do in order to achieve her desired goals.  But don’t take my word for it.  Just ask anyone who has ever watched her on the reality TV show.
But the daunting question I return to is:  How on earth did she get the green light to work in the Trump White House?
I asked that very question of a former Apprentice star who knows Omarosa personally and herself is currently an advisor to President Donald Trump, Tana Goertz.  Tana appeared in season 3 of The Apprentice and is also on the Trump 2020 Advisory Board.
According to Tana she was very blunt and adamant in her advice to the White House that they should not- under any circumstances- hire Omarosa. But then how and why was she hired? And by whom?
Tana states she does not know who made the ultimate decision to hire Omarosa but she does know it wasn’t Donald Trump himself.  And then here is where it gets interesting.  Tana told me that Omarosa threatened Reince Preibus- then the WH Chief of Staff- that if she was not hired she would tell the world it was because of racism in the Trump administration.  The next thing you know the former reality TV star is roaming the halls of the White House.
You can click below to watch my full interview with former Apprentice star and Trump advisor Tana Goertz.  Tana herself has an amazing personal story which we cover in the TV interview.  Watch for her upcoming book ‘From The Basement To The White House’ which details her personal journey in life.

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