Politics in 300: Socialism PR/eBay Removes Glenn Beck’s Account and FreedomFest-Why You Should Go

2020 is closer than you think, and the socialists are using pr to weasel their way in. Glenn Beck’s eBay account removed over pro-life painting, and FreedomFest is coming in July.

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Apprentice Star Reveals How Omarosa Got In Trump’s WH

(photo courtesy of Tana Goertz)

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By Rick Amato,

The more one learns about the former Apprentice star turned White House aide, turned turned ex-White House aide, turned Trump antagonist- Omarosa Manigault Newman- one is left with a daunting question: How in the world was she ever allowed to work in the most powerful office on the face of the earth to begin with? The thought is frightening.

Indeed Piers Morgan wondered that very question back in February when he revealed that Omarosa had offered him sex to win the ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ (I swear I’m not making this up).
In the interest of full disclosure let me say up front that I’ve never been a fan or viewer of The Apprentice.  I wouldn’t have known an Omarosa from a mimosa if it had not been for the recent political events.  But one does not have to dig too deep to discover that Omarosa was and has always been viewed as a fake, conniving, dishonest person who will do and say whatever she needs to do in order to achieve her desired goals.  But don’t take my word for it.  Just ask anyone who has ever watched her on the reality TV show.
But the daunting question I return to is:  How on earth did she get the green light to work in the Trump White House?
I asked that very question of a former Apprentice star who knows Omarosa personally and herself is currently an advisor to President Donald Trump, Tana Goertz.  Tana appeared in season 3 of The Apprentice and is also on the Trump 2020 Advisory Board.
According to Tana she was very blunt and adamant in her advice to the White House that they should not- under any circumstances- hire Omarosa. But then how and why was she hired? And by whom?
Tana states she does not know who made the ultimate decision to hire Omarosa but she does know it wasn’t Donald Trump himself.  And then here is where it gets interesting.  Tana told me that Omarosa threatened Reince Preibus- then the WH Chief of Staff- that if she was not hired she would tell the world it was because of racism in the Trump administration.  The next thing you know the former reality TV star is roaming the halls of the White House.
You can click below to watch my full interview with former Apprentice star and Trump advisor Tana Goertz.  Tana herself has an amazing personal story which we cover in the TV interview.  Watch for her upcoming book ‘From The Basement To The White House’ which details her personal journey in life.

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The Truth About Trump’s Trade Tariffs

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By Rick Amato

A largely misunderstood and under reported story is that of Donald Trump’s use of tariffs as a tactic to grow American jobs and the economy. If the same strategy and early results had occurred during the Barack Obama years, the mainstream media would have labeled the former President a “brilliant, intelligent, global tactician”.  But as former CIA agent and Whistleblower Kevin Shipp recently said, ‘too often the mainstream media has an agenda that has little to do with real news’.

Which brings me back to the use of tariffs. If you listen to the news then you believe that Trump is either a racist (with the threat of tariffs against Mexico), colluding with Russia (threat of tariffs against the European Union) or simply unstable and volatile (in the case of Canada).  And just for good measure as a Capitalist who supports trade barriers, a hypocrite.  But the facts and early developments don’t support these agenda-driven narratives.

Let’s start with why so many free market economists who normally oppose trade barriers at all costs are now supporting Trump’s tariffs.  Their reasoning can be summed up in one word: Leverage.

While the initial reaction of countries who are the target of tariffs may be one of anger and defiance the fact is they have little or no leverage over America on the issue of trade.  Long term we hold all- or most- of the cards.

Consider this:
* The U.S. trade deficit with China is at a record high of $375 billion.
* U.S. trade deficit with the EU is $147 billion.
* U.S. trade deficit with Mexico is $63.6 billion.
* U.S trade deficit with Canada is $12.1 billion.

Unlike previous presidents from both parties who either didn’t know or didn’t care Trump understands that America has all the leverage it needs in the trading relationships with our partners.  What are they going to do? Buy less American goods?  They’re already doing a bang up job of that with their own use of high taxes and tariffs on U.S. made products.  Hence the trade deficits they now enjoy.

A growing number of free market economists concur that the tariffs with create short term pain but long term gain for the U.S. economy.  Surprisingly we are already beginning to see the early returns of the long term gains.  Example:

* While the EU response was initially one of anger, they have now backed-down and agreed to trade concessions in hopes of avoiding a trade war.

* Largely ignored by the U.S. media is the recent meeting between Mexico’s Secretary of Economy, (Mr. Ildefonso Guajardo) and Trump trade representatives last week in D.C.  Both countries emerged from the meeting upbeat and cautiously optimistic about our near term trade future.  So much so that President Trump declared a policy of ‘zero tariffs with Mexico’ was within reach.  Of course closely watching all of this is Canada the third leg of the stool in NAFTA.

China however is believed to be a longer term play with more strategic elements to consider given their aggressive economic and military global goals.  But once again their leverage options too are limited.

During the 2016 presidential campaign voters from both parties gave Donald Trump high marks on the issue of the economy and it looks like the President is about to prove them right.  But don’t expect too many in the media to take notice.

Click below to watch my TV interview with CNN Economic Analyst Stephen Moore on Trump’s trade tariffs and the most recent Jobs Report.

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Trump to offer $12B in aid to farmers

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